Brockholes Village Trust Publication:
Bygone Brockholes

Book Highlights Brockholes Past

An illustrated history of village life in Brockholes will be of interest to all those who live or who are connected with Brockholes

The book, ‘Bygone Brockholes; A Peep into the Past’, covers over 200 years of history in 31 pages of rare photographs, images and recollections. It covers major events in the history of the village, including the building of the village hall and two churches, local celebrations, the development and eventual closure of local mills, early railway connections, mining and the rise and fall of Hope Bank Pleasure Grounds – which, in its heyday, attracted huge crowds.

Copies of the book, which costs £4.95, can be obtained from Wired Coffee and Cake, 17 Church Street, Honley, GCHQ Hair Designers, 1-3 Brockholes Lane, Brockholes and the Rock Inn, New Mill Road, Brockholes.